Polaroid Parade // Paige Taggart

“You will fall in love these poems as I have fallen in love with these poems.”

"I became attracted to animism when my bedding became a riverbed.I retired from the map, from the demands to meet ideas spread across a surface and maneuver about. I stuck myself in a forest and thought have a potluck with Polaroid, but they didn’t invite me until I was old enough to breathe entirely out of my nostrils. I couldn’t tell if their judgment was fair. I long to breathe underwater. Maybe it’s holy, maybe it’s cipher; I have a concerto that has no symphony or a ball that has no game, spooley without a handle. It’s gorgeous out, I’m surrendering to the tidal wave." fr. POLAROID PARADE

4x6 chapbook with light yellow/gray covers w/ long folds, repurposed map endpapers. printed on high quality 24# copy paper.  stamped and pressed with ruthless vigor 120 times.

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