Pistachio & Iris by Pinetop Deadfish

Burnt incense swung around the room on a chain. A smell of ancient spice, grandmothers. Centuries of sweat. The women’s choir lined up. About a thousand hands clapped for a while then hushed, folded themselves together in pairs. Waited. The opening notes of Rhapsody in Blue trilled through the organ’s pipes. Ascent to lilting chords. Even as old Pistachio sat down to die in the back room of St. Agnes’ that morning in June, he could think only of the day his mother had taken him across the border to Progresso when he was 10 years old.”  And so begins Pistachio & Iris: a dream so dazzlingly hypnotic you’ll feel like a teenage Calvino on his first loopy roller coaster after drinking an imported beer. When this chapbook awakens you, you’ll thank us.

5.5 x 7.5 chapbook. Letterpress and hand-stamped covers. Laser printed endpaper. Printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 75 hand numbered copies.

$5.50 USA/Canada

$8.50 World

ORDER HERE: http://www.greyingghost.com/iris.html