The Point, Or What I Cannot Recall by Tyler Flynn Dorholt

There will be a special section in Purgatory for those that have read this chapbook. Whoever is in charge will summon you and test your blood and examine your head. They will find Dorholt’s words etched into your insides and from there you will be good to go. The Point, Or What I Cannot Recall is a singular work of deep breaths, primal screams and ‘rent controlled loins’. For every mystery uncovered there is an equally  mysterious reply sent from the outskirts of the page via word of mouth. He doesn’t show his heart but his veins and nervous system as well. This is your meal ticket to tomorrow. We welcome this into your home.  

Read an excerpt c/o of Ghost Ocean

6 x 8.5 chapbook. Letterpressed, block printed, and hand-stamped covers. Recycled handmade endpaper. Printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 90 hand numbered copies.

$5.50 USA/Canada

$9.50 World