Bye Land by Tony Mancus

Bye Land is good. Very good. So good it’d drive the pious to almost use the lord’s name in vain. Tony Mancus writes with the tension of an escape artist who dreams of staying escaped. He is the type of writer your parents warned you about: honest, ballsy, and god damned good. It is as though each sentence is flicked into your face like a freshly snuffed matchstick. Eventually a little fire flares up and the doors to Bye Land unlock and the curtains on the windows to Bye Land spread and the light from Bye Land going out overwhelms the light seeping in. 

7 x 8.5 chapbook. Letterpress and hand-stamped covers. Endpaper photocopied from found images. Printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 90 hand numbered copies.